Brand Story – PCSSOLE

The Root of PCS

Our founder is a biomechanical R&D engineer. Because his friend has been suffering from foot pain for a long time. After seven years of work, he finally created a pair of insoles for his friend that could relieve his pain and afford it.This also allows him to create a systematic brand of orthopedic insoles, so that all people with foot problems can relieve pain and reduce the burden.

To offer high-quality, innovative, affordable, and effective insoles to help those suffering from foot pain come out of the shadows and live a more relaxed and comfortable life.

PCSsole is dedicated to employing science and cutting-edge materials to build a system that supports health for the foot, body, mind, and environment.

Core Value
At PCSsole, we care about every customer's voice and their desire for a more fulfilling life and a healthy body.

What Makes PCS Stand-Out

#Categorization Made Everything Easy
Finding the ideal insoles for your feet is something we want to make sure you do. Due to various foot pain problems, usage scenarios, and material, we have categorized our insoles. In our categorization system, you may find the ideal insole for you, regardlessof whether you use them for sports or daily use, whether you need them for comfort or correction, or if you have low or high arches.

#Double Down This Support for All
We're more than just a company. We are a team of biomechanical engineers and podiatrists who believe that affordable, medical-grade relief insoles should be available to all. That's why we work tirelessly to make sure we provide the highest possible quality at the double down price.

#Life Is About Step Forward
We understand that you can't let your feet hold you back as you go about your dreams without restraint. That's why we're here for you. We'll support your arches no matter where life takes you—whether you're walking on the beach, running a marathon, or just taking a quick stroll through the park.